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You can purchase copies of “After Silence, Music” and “Songs from the Distaff Side online now at the Bailey Sisters’ Shop

Welcome to The Bailey Sisters online shop

To book us for your folk club or for an event, please email

Postage & Packing £1 for the first item, and rising in increments of 50p thereafter.

When spinning, the distaff holds the unspun flax or wool fibres, but as an adjective, it was used to describe the female side of the family.

Songs from the Distaff Side is The Bailey Sisters' second studio album, and offers a delightful array of songs and tunes from the female perspective.

Songs from the Distaff Side


Click on the blackbird to hear the first track . . .


01 The Blackbird M1.mp3


We're not Sisters, and we don't drink Baileys - but we do share a love of traditional and early music.  This musical mix is The Bailey Sisters’ first studio album, and will delight your senses with exuberant vocal harmonies, alongside occasional fiddle, guitar and drum accompaniments . . .

After Silence, Music

Click on the branch to hear the first track . . .

01 Stretford & Northen May Song.mp3



You can purchase a copy of both After Silence, Music and Songs from the Distaff Side together for £18.00.

You’ll save on postage & packing too.

After Silence, Music and Songs from the Distaff Side

A live recording of The Bailey Sisters' first full length concert held in December 2009.

There are not many copies of this CD remaining, however if you are desperate to get your hands on one, we have a few for sale.  Please email us at to check our stock before you select this item.

Four Seasons in Song